Trimming Diabetes

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Trimming Diabetes is an annual philanthropy event the Alpha Iota Chapter hosts in the Spring to raise money for JDRF. The idea for this event originally came from one of our founders here at Alpha Iota Chapter, Ritesh "Deception" Patel. For this event we table all over campus and set up jars with each brother's head on it. People can then donate money to JDRF and specifically choose a brother's jar to put the money. At the end of the week, the brother with the most money in their jar has to get his head trimmed on the UAB Campus Green.

In recent years, the Alpha Iota Chapter has made Trimming Diabetes the featured event of a week long series of events known as JDRF Week. This has helped the Alpha Iota Chapter raise more money for JDRF so that they can pursue their goals even faster.